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Marshall Green Colliery


54.679656, -1.761156





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30 Jan 2023

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30 Jan 2023




G. Pears & Co. (1860s), Marshall Green Coal Co. (1880s), Wear Valley Coal & Brick Co. (1900s), Pease & Partners Ltd. (1930s)

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - A colliery stood adjacent to the Wear Valley Railway from 1830 to circa 1870s and reopened in the 20th century until 1936. The area surveyed in 1857 depicts a medium scale working with several ground level buildings as well as a number of railway sidings. The site had two coal shafts and a drift mine on the northern tip of the complex.

The 1890s maps show the site as disused but was fully rebuilt by 1915, with an internal tramway network and two separate drift mines. It was again connected to the Wear Valley Branch. It closed around the 1930s before the industry was nationalised after WWII.

At least 2 fatalities occurred at the pit in the 1850s - both from a fall of stone and clay respectively.

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