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Longframlington Colliery


55.316526, -1.808108

Framlington Colliery

Howey Pit(?)




19th c

Entry Created:

30 Dec 2022

Last Updated:

30 Dec 2022




Messrs G. & W. Nicholson (1860s), Leach & Weeks (1890s)

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - The 1866 Ordnance Survey map shows the presence of Framlington Colliery on the lane between Longframlington and Berwick. This was the first of the three pits that worked in this vicinity, and likely the first in the wider area. There was 3 small buildings, one including the shaft, and what appears to be a small tramway or ropeway to the heap. By the 1890s it had entirely ceased to exist, and only the Fanny Pit remained slightly south east. It is possible this is Howey Pit, though is difficult to say for certain.

The heap is still visible from the A697 road adjacent.

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