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Blaydon Main Colliery

Blaydon, Gateshead


Shibdon Colliery

Low Shibdon


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6 Sept 2021


Alderman White (18th c), Blackett Family (18th c), Simpson Family (18th c), G. H Ramsay (1830s), Messrs. Ramsay & Co (1860s), George H. Ramsay & Son (1880s), Stella Coal Co. (1880s), Priestman Collieries Ltd (1909 -)

HER Info

Blaydon Main Colliery. A Wagonway, (SMR 3459), connected this site to Wagonway SMR 3442. Also known as Shibdon Colliery it opened in the early 18th century, worked by Alderman White, the Blacketts and their Agent, and subsequently leased to the Simpsons. It closed in 1798, but reopened in 1828, when the Hazard and Speculation Pits (HER 6022) were sunk. Owned by GH Ramsay, then Ramsay & Co, George H Ramsay and Son, Stella Coal Company and finally Priestman Colliery Ltd. Whellan's directory says that 400 men and boys were employed here. Coke Ovens for the Colliery were at Derwenthaugh.The pits - Content Pit, Garden Pit, Harard Pit, Milner Pit (HER 1661) and Specualtion Pit. It finally closed in 1921.

Ordnance Survey, 1898

Ordnance Survey, 1898

'Sketches of The Coal Mines in Northumberland and Durham' T.H.Hair, published in 1844

Works Photograph, date unknown. Source: Science Museum Group

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