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Penshaw Colliery



D Pit

Whitefield Pit





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3 Sept 2021

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15 Aug 2023




Lady F. A. Vane Londonderry (1850s), George Elliot & Co. (1860s), Sir George Elliot (1880s)

Description (or HER record listing)

Ordnance Survey first edition of 1862 shows Painshaw Colliery, Whitefield Pit with brick kilns within the colliery.

Opened 1830. E Pit was at NZ 322 525, Lambton Pit (which was opened in 1792) was at NZ 319 533, New D Pit (opened 1832) was at NZ 322 533. The colliery was owned by Lady FA Vane Londonderry, and leased/managed by George Elliot & Co. Extensive records in DRO. Possibly closed in 1879.

The main site has recently (2014) had houses built upon it. The ventilation fan house (marked on the second edition OS plan) was rebuilt when the structure was converted into two houses.

The original west frontage survives. Whitefield cottages are much rebuilt but are shown on the 1815 estate plan.

NEHL - The pit is shown at its greatest extent on the 1862 map, neighbouring a number of seperate waggonways including a single track way to Painshaw Quarry. The Whitefield Pit was typical of its day - pit ponds, a number of ancillary buildings and likely the main employer for New Painshaw a couple hundred metres north. None of the original buildings of the village survive, and the shaft is covered over.

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