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Kenton Close Coal Pits

Byker, Newcastle


Kenton Pit



Entry Created:

3 Sept 2021

Last Updated:

8 Sept 2021




Description (or HER record listing)

Three coal crop lines run diagonally across the site, two of which are known to have been worked at some time in the past. It is likely that the exploitation of coal in the vicinity goes back hundereds of years; certainly to the later medieval period. Two pits lie in Kenton Close, this one is called Kenton Pit and the other one (HER ref. 1591) is unnamed. Kenton Pit lies adjacent to Heaton Park Road, and is shown surrounded by trees on the 1858 Ordnance Survey map and on a plan of 1740. It closed some time between 1858 and 1894. There does not appear to have been a waggonway associated with these pits.

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