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Rope Works, 1972

Name: Willington Rope Works

Region: Willington, North Tyneside

Date of Origin: 18th Century

Site Type: Ropery Works

Condition: Demolished

Status: The original site is now a small wood. It is not known if any foundations still exist. There is still a rope works close by, operated by Bridon International.

Last Updated: 25/05/2020

Address: Ropery Lane, Willington

"Willington has a long history of rope making as testified by the name of the nearby Ropery Lane. A ropery was founded at Willington Quay by William and Edward Chapman in 1789 where William Chapman invented a revolutionary machine that improved the efficiency of making ropes. In 1843 the firm was taken over by Robert Hood Haggie, a Scot who had lived on Tyneside since 1800 and established a rope works at Gateshead in the 1830s.

The Willington rope works later became part of a firm called British Ropes which now trades as Bridon International." - England's North East


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