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Transporter Bridge 1911


Address: 54.584410, -1.228061

Origin: 1911

Site Type: Bridge

Condition: Still in use


The gondola in 1931

Transporter Bridge Opening, 1911

Opening of the bridge by Prince Arthur. Credit: Middlesbrough Council

One of Middlesbrough's most famous landmarks is the Transporter Bridge, not just for its huge size but also the way it transports people to Port Clarence.

It was opened in 1911, just before the First World War, but it was first proposed in 1872 when the manager of the Hartlepool Iron Works submitted plans to Middlesbrough council. Sadly the idea was scrapped, and a steam ferry continued to take passengers between both sides of the Tees.

The crossing we know cost £7.5 million in todays money, and was built with a 'gondola' rather than a road bridge, which means it is propelled from a bridge above the passengers. It allows ships to go along the river without a normal bridge getting in the way. 

It officially opened in 1911 by Prince Arthur of Connaught (Queen Victoria's grandson), and was originally painted red. During both World Wars it was actually struck by bombs, but was quickly repaired. 

It is still in use today, and this very special bridge can be used by walkers as well as cars.

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