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Cross Keys, undated

Name: The Cross Keys

Region: Washington

Date of Origin: Pre 1826

Site Type: Public House

Condition: Extant

Status: Site still The Cross Keys Pub

Last Updated: 27/05/2020

The first recorded evidence of this small public house can be seen in a document from the Washington Association for the Prosecution of Felons in 1826, where a recorded meeting took place the property of Proudlock Moses in the vicinity of the Cross Keys. He was presumably the owner, and can be seen here being a resident of Washington throughout his life, passing away in Chester-le-Street. The meeting was held due to sheep stealing in the area.

Other than this fragment of history, it's hard to find more material for the life of the Cross Keys through the 19th and 20th centuries. There are many images featuring the Cross Keys as a centrepiece of Washington life through the 20th century, but little is known about this important meeting place in the village. It was clearly important due to its central location, and a staple of the area. 

If you have any more information and history about The Cross Keys, please contact us!


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