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St Pauls, undated

Name: St Pauls Church

Region: Hendon, Sunderland

Date of Origin: 1852

Site Type: Place of Worship

Condition: Demolished

Status: Land occupied by primary school and Hudson Road Park

Last Updated: 23/05/2020

Address: Tatham Street, Hendon

"The rapidly growing population of Sunderland had been served by only four churches until 1829, when Saint Thomas’ was erected as a chapel of ease. Hendon at this time was still a rural area, populated by grand houses and the odd cottage or two. By the 1850s, that scene was changing rapidly, with streets of fine houses springing up at an alarming rate.


Dr. Tatham who owned most of land in the area, gave the site in Meaburn terrace for the building of a church, and with the generosity of Christopher Bramwell, the sum of £2800 was found for the construction of Saint Paul’s Church.


Even up until the day of its opening in 1852, the land around the entrance to the new church was inaccessible, and a group of navvies who were working on the new docks were called in to ensure safe passage for the dignitaries who had gathered for its opening.


Saint Paul’s was demolished during slum clearances last century." - Sunderland Antiquarians


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