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Name: St Margaret's Well

Region: Ashington, Northumberland

Date of Origin: N/A, presumed ancient

Site Type: Water Well

Condition: Not in existance

Status: Currently just grassland close to Wansbeck Riverside Park

Last Updated: 19/05/2020

Address: 55.170112, -1.585356, along the path against River Wansbeck

Nothing is currently known about this well, presumed ancient. On the first edition of the Ordnance Survey it is shown in gothic writing, but no trace of its history or demise can be found. The well is mentioned on various sites, such as England's North East and Keys to the Past, but no histories are explored. By 1898 the well seems to have vanished, or at least forgotten about.


"About a quarter of a mile east from the grindstone quarry under a bank of oaks and other trees close to a hedge is a sacred fountain called Saint Margaret's Well pleasant and soft to the taste many of the small fresh water buccinze at the bottom the north side faced with stone natural and semi circular coated with moss and a thin crust of earth in which the primrose and meadow sweet have taken root emitting their pleasant odours round it in the flowering season." John Hodgson, A History of Northumberland, 1832

St Margarets Well, 1866


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