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Address: 54.534092, -1.282132

Origin: Viking era

Site Type: Village

Condition: Demolished

The field above was once a substantial medieval settlement named Stainsby, which was recorded in the Domesday Book produced in 1086. 

Nowadays it is little more than some lumps and bumps in a field, but the fact even little remains exist is amazing! It was most likely founded in the Viking era which was before the 10th century, as many places along the east coast were founded (or destroyed!) during this time. It was described as 'three carucates at Steinesbi', and meant they were eligible to pay taxes.

The manor was held at the end of the 13th century by a fellow named Walter de Stainsby, and there was reportedly 9 people living there.

On a 1757 map it is shown as all but deserted except a single farm at the site, in a similar position to where one is nowadays. 

There are actually still buried remains underground, showing the old walls and enclosures where people once lived and cattle were raised.


Zoom in, you can still see the outlines of buildings and enclosures!

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