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South Shields

Corstorphine Town, Boatbuilding Works

South Shields

54.986773, -1.445284

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Robson (Boat Builders) Ltd

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Coble, Lifeboat

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A boatbuilding works was located between Smith Street and Anderson Street at Corstorphine Town in the 1890s. The site was a yard around 30 metres wide and 20 metres long, taking up half of Anderson Street. There was a building on the east side, though plans do not indicate what this was. Entrance looks to have been gained via a back street off Corstorphine Town, however little other indication is given to what the site is or what it was used for.

The yard is known for being the home of Robson's Boat Builders, a long running firm in the town known for constructing small crafts like lifeboats and cobles. Particularly of note is their relationship with the RNLI. The firm were originally established in 1830 as R Robson & Co at Shadwell Street, and moved here from this site by at least the 1890s.

Robson's remained here until at least the 1960s, when they moved over the road to the old Readhead's Landing. It is here where they eventually closed around 1980.

The site, along with much of the housing here a century ago, has been demolished for light industry.

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