Week in Review: 13th - 19th July

Hi All! We hope you're keeping safe and well.

The area is getting back to normal, and with that public parks, attractions and entertainment venues are getting much busier. Though I have absolutely no authority on the matter, please continue to follow the guidelines.... wear your mask and social distance! Otherwise all of our local businesses and attractions are going to suffer again due to recklessness.

With that in mind as well as the roasting weather, it's great that we're able to get back outside exploring the area. As referenced in last week's post, there's plenty opening in the near future. Instead of considering a certain national pub chain serving cheap pints, get yourself to a local community pub!

We've also been sharing and highlighting the work of local mutual aid groups, particularly those in Elswick and Arthur's Hill, who have been providing direct, no questions grants to those in need in the area. My first thought was... what an amazing initiative! Not being interrogated on their financial and personal status means a first step in people knowing they have the right to help without made to feel small. They're still seeking donations and contributors. You can either send a direct one off payment or be a Patreon-style supporter with as little as £5 a month here and here.

This week we've done a mini-revamp of the site, making it a bit more colourful and using visuals to make the site more interesting. We've now got a brand guide, featuring the striking salmon pink as the primary colour, as well as utilising a blue and yellow and a new typeface. Generally, I want this website to be a reference point and aid to those who are just casually interested in history. Therefore, we want to make a place people will come back to.

Here's a recap on some of our features this week:

Drill Hall, Hebburn - a military site supporting the 1st Newcastle Artillery Volunteers in Hebburn. It was close to the railway station and also had a rifle range nearby. It was demolished to make way for the Alkali works and is now occupied by housing developments.

Moor Edge Farm, Shiremoor - Moor Edge Farm was a farmstead to the east of the village, with a small well closeby. It was owned by the Duke of Northumberland and owned the fields bordering Shiremoor and Earsdon. Its land was slowly claimed by the sprawl of the neighbouring communities and was eventually demolished. A small wall still existed in 2000 but was sadly demolished.

The Camp Ground, Wrekenton - The Camp Ground was a parcel of land which was once used by a militia, presumed to be the South Lincoln and East Yorkshire militia. There was a collection of huts which existed right up until the 1910s though seem to be demolished after. The military occupation of the land was in the late 18th century so may have been from this time. The site was also close to neighbouring Camp Ground Quarry. The area is still known as Campground, but now a waste facility for Gateshead.