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In Conversation With... Ep 1: Martin Farr

For our first conversation we speak to Dr Martin Farr, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University specialising in British History (any my old lecturer!). We touch on a few subjects including class, the Geordie psyche, the north east post-Thatcher, the Labour Party and a few other bits. Please enjoy, and do mind the rough editing. It was a Zoom call and Martin was in the sunshine so its very wind-permitting. However, the discussion does counter-act the sound quality!

You can follow Martin on Twitter at @martinjohnfarr. He also has a book on the way which might interest you all, entitled 'Margaret Thatcher's World' due for release in 2021. He also runs the Insight Public Lectures at Newcastle University.

We have a few more of these conversations coming up, so please keep your eyes peeled!


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