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Name: Laing Warehouse

Region: South Dock, Sunderland

Date of Origin: 19th Century

Site Type: Warehouse

Condition: Demolished

Status: Site unoccupied apart from materials and containers

Last Updated: 22/05/2020

Address: 54.904926, -1.358027, site unaccessible

"A brick building built in 1874-5 to provide facilities for general trade. Originally five storeys, extended to seven storeys in the form of a tower with conical slate roof at the north-west corner. The building was badly damaged by fire in 1915." - Sitelines

Laing Warehouse on the right side of the South Dock, Sunderland. This image presents a once ornate dockside building and tower, which has now been pulled down. It was damaged in a fire and was presumably unfit for purpose by the time of its demolition. Click image for source.

Laing Warehouse, 1965
Sunderland Harbour, 1949

Laing Warehouse can be seen above right to the railway crossing across the docks in the centre of the picture. The seven story tower can also just be seen.

Retrieved from Tyne & Wear Archives


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