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Ordnance Survey 1899


Address: 54.576905, -1.238854

Origin: May 1870

Site Type: Place of Worship

Condition: Demolished

Though there may have been a Jewish community much earlier than known, the first recorded settlement was in 1862. There were only a few known families in the area that time as in 1895 there was still only around 100 people of Jewish faith. It is known that there were congregations in temporary places, and will likely have been at local community buildings or homes. 

Because of the growing population a formal place of worship was needed to really cement their place in Middlesbrough life. Though only for 4 years this was to be at Hill Street in the town centre. As seen on the map above, it was likely a repurposed home or office formalised into a place of worship. As it was only used for a few years, it was probably too small or unsuitable for the growing community.

The first Jew to organise such service was likely a fellow named Mr Maurice Levy in 1862. He had founded the Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation, and his family were amongst the leaders of the local town council. 

The primary place of worship was moved in 1874 to Brentnall Street, not too far down the road from this address at the corner of Garden Street. This one was in use right up until the eve of the Second World War in 1938, so was clearly big enough to fit the community and fit for purpose. 

Hartlepool Synagogue.jpg

Sadly there don't seem to be any photographs of Hill Street, but this is what the synagogue looked like up the road in Hartlepool!

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