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Haddricks Mill

Image of reputed building part of Haddrick's Mill in Gosforth. Image by Alan Stoyel in 1968 and found on the Mills Archive.

Name: Haddrick's Mill

Region: Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Date of Origin: 16th Century

Site Type: Water Mill

Condition: N/A, became disused in latter years of 19th century

Status: The name is more commonly known as the street upon which it once occupied. The site is now occupied by the Millstone bar. There is a building behind the bar which is likely a related building due to its age and features, but it is hard to determine 100%. Can be seen here

Last Updated: 19/05/2020

Address: 55.00411900, -1.60286950, behind the Millstone bar

"Humphrey Lisle in 1539 granted the water mill of South Gosforth to William Hetherwick. Later known as Harrick's Mill, it seems to have continued in use into the 19th century, and to have become part of a hamlet which, in 1813, was the subject of a conveyance and described as a Water Corn Mill, Public House, Cottages and Closes of land.... The first edition Ordnance Survey map shows the mill on the west bank of the Ouse Burn, east of Haddrick's Mill Road, and south of the present road junction. A mill race came off the burn north of the junction, and ran alongside the road to the mill." - twsitelines


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