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North Hylton, Sunderland

Mill, Hylton

Last Updated:

17 Jul 2020

North Hylton, Sunderland

This is a


54.925071, -1.441297

Founded in 

12th Century

Current status is


Designer (if known):


Site is now housing on Rhondda Road

'In the late 12th century Alexander de Hilton made a grant of 3 marks from the mill of Hilton. In 1323 the mill was mentioned in a grant of the endowments of a chantry in the chapel of Hilton, made by Robert Hylton to Robert de Chillingham. The site of the mill is unknown, but if it was a water mill then the most likely location is Hylton Dene. However, "Hylton Mill (Corn)", obviously a windmill, is shown north of the castle on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan (c.1860).'

- Sitelines

Listing Description (if available)

The Ordnance Surveys from 1862 and 1898 can be seen above. The 1862 map, further above, shows the mill along what is now Rhondda Road, along a small country lane parallel to the main road to Sunderland Where Hylton Castle is situated. The Mill was obviously a windmill and a related dwelling was found down the road, likely for the miller who worked there. Hylton was more of an area than a community at this time, with small swellings dotted around the castle and south of the river.

The 1898 view is similar apart from the industries that have appeared along the Weir. A large steelworks lies south of the case along with a number of terraces to accomodate the steelyard workers. A public house, post office and school have all been built in the area to cater for the workers. The mill however has been demolished by this point, and only the dwelling remains down the lane. It was likely lying derelict by this point.




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