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West Auckland Colliery

West Auckland

54.636015, -1.718992





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11 Mar 2024

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11 Mar 2024




Jonathan Backhouse (1838), Messrs. Edmund Backhouse & Co. (1850s), Bolckow Vaughan (1850s), Ramshaw Coal Co. Ltd. (1930s), National Coal Board

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - West Auckland Colliery stood at the north end of the village for almost 130 years. It opened in 1838 after a full year of sinking. The seam was known to be six foot thick, and was first obtained by Jonathan Backhouse Esq., presumably the same Jonathan who financed the Stockton & Darlington Railway as one of Darlington's prominent bankers.

The pit was sizeable even as early as the 1850. There were at least 2 lines of coal ovens directly connected to the Stockton & Darlington. It was modernised by the 1890s, with at least 3 access shafts on the site. St Helen & West Auckland developed around the pit, expanding the boundaries of the pre-existing villages.

The pit was later owned by Bolckow Vaughan and the National Coal Board. The site is now housing.

Ordnance Survey, 1859

Ordnance Survey, 1859

Historic England Photograph: raf_106g_uk_1700_rs_4007 flown 27/08/1946 (27 August 1946)

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