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Gallow Flat Colliery

Elswick, Newcastle

54.975340, -1.622861





Entry Created:

22 May 2023

Last Updated:

22 May 2023




Hodgson family

Description (or HER record listing)

NEHL - This is the possible location of Gallow Flat Colliery, a working that was situated "near Elswick" in in 1658. The primary documentary evidence we have of the pit is from a list of explosions and accidents in Northumberland Durham between 1658 and 1842.

Two bodies, nearly 37 years after the inundation, were recovered almost entirely. They were scarcely affected by the water in all that time.

The pit was most probably owned by the Hodgson Estate, who owned much of the area. John Hodgson was a known mine owner, exploiting the minerals on the estate. Elswick village was resited by him to facilitate his mining and smelting ventures.

I've pinned St James' Park as one of the possible locations. Firstly, it was very close to the original gallows which were close to the barracks on Barrack Road. Secondly, the Coal Authority has confirmed this is the location of a coal shaft of some sorts, directly under the West Stand. Other possible locations may be at Leazes or at the site of the barracks themselves.

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