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Walbottle Colliery

Walbottle, Newcastle


Blucher Pit



Entry Created:

3 Sept 2021

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6 Sept 2021




J. Lamb, Potters, Jobling's Trustees (1850s), R. O. Lamb (1860s), Terale & Kirton (1880s), Kirton, Rowell & Dodd (1880s), Walbottle Coal & Firebrick Co. (1890s), Lemington Colliery Co. Ltd. (1930s)

Description (or HER record listing)

Walbottle Colliery, Blucher Pit. This colliery was either sunk or renamed in 1815 following the Battle of Waterloo when two mines were named in honour of the victorious generals, Wellington and Blucher. Walbottle Colliery (HER 4229) opened before 1828. Owners in the 1850s were J. Lamb, Potters and Joblings Trustees, then R.O. Lamb, then Terale & Kirton, later Kirton, Rowell & Dodd, Walbottle Coal and Firebrick Co and lastly Lemington Colliery Co ltd. Blucher Pit closed in 1867 but was reopened in 1900 by the Throckley Coal Company, the owners of pits at Heddon, Throckley and Newburn. In 1924/5 the Blucher Pit was closed in favour of workings at the reopened Coronation site (SMR 3984). Blucher started up again in 1938 but final closure came in 1956.

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