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Elswick Coal Mines

Elswick, Newcastle

54.96298679387462, -1.64355780121363



Entry Created:

3 Sept 2021

Last Updated:

15 Feb 2023




Description (or HER record listing)

Men were digging for coal on Elswick moor as early as 1293, but in 1330 the Prior and Convent of Tynemouth granted a formal lease of the coal mines for $5. In 1378 the coal pits with way and staiths were let for $40. In the 1530s Christopher Mitford had leases of the Elswick pits, with liberty to take timber from Elswick woods for shoring, and maintaining staiths and houses, plus way leave and staith leave. The mines next went to the Anderson family, and though the rent reached $68 in 1578 it had fallen to $20 in 1608 "by reason of the decay of the mine". No precise location is known.

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