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BARNABY MOOR crash site

Address: 54.541502, -1.130702

Origin: 1941

Site Type: Crash Site

Condition: Now farmland

Barnaby Moor is at the southern edge of Middlesbrough, not too far from Normanby and Nunthorpe. It is a very important place in Middlesbrough's history is it was the site of a plane crash.

On the afternoon of the 30th March 1041, a Junkers Ju88 Luftwaffe aircraft was flying over the North East coast, intending to take pictures of Manchester for a reconnaissance mission. It was picked up by British radar, and two Spitfires from Catterick in Yorkshire were scrambled to 'intercept'. The Spitfires shot down the German plane just before 4pm at Barnaby Moor with the death of all four airmen.

Sadly, 3 airmen did not have time to deploy their parachute. A fourth did, but was too close to the ground for it to work. Apparently the parachute was seen by local people nearby. The bodies of the other airmen were never found, and sadly there is no memorial on the site to remember those that died during the war.

Hans Steigerwald.jpg

Hans Steigerwald was one of the men who died. He was 27 and is now buried at Thornaby. Credit:

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